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Pearl Whispers

Pearl, Idaho is silent. There aren’t even enough skeletons lying about to call her a ghost town. Many drive past – unaware they missed the old town entirely. Yet the curious, still attracted to the swath of land separating the Emmett Valley from the town of Horseshoe Bend, continue to make the 12 mile trip in from Boise.

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Shotguns and Bowling Balls

Confused and out of breath, I arrive at the Emergency Room.

It was a warm October evening when a set of glass doors parted, allowing me to enter the air-conditioned waiting room. The first thing I noticed was my fifteen year old brother, Jake, because he was covered in blood. He jumped up from an orange, plastic chair when he saw me. I looked past him to see my mother standing at the counter, filling out paper work in a short sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans. A patch of blood started at her right shoulder and had run down to her elbow and there were noticeable blood spots on her Levis. Looking down at the floor I saw blood trails and splatters everywhere. Continue reading Shotguns and Bowling Balls