My Wood Shop

From Pens . . . to Wands

Check out a short 4 minute video on my Wand Woman Journey. I love creating something for everyone inside my wood shop.

  • It all started with handcrafted wooden pens. When I first began as a newly published author, I sold pens with my books.

  • Because of my unique shapes, I received overwhelming requests from the youngsters (and some adults – you know who you are!) for magic wands.
Making Magic Happen
Black Cat Approved
  • Duggan has been involved in the process from the very beginning.
Choose from Natural / DW Green / or Purple Cherry
  • In past, I re-purposed pallet material to into Wine, Beer, and Growler carriers for Winery events. I now do special order, so feel free to reach out.

Summer of 2022 looks amazing after our COVID hibernation. Wand Woman will have medieval weaponry, smudging / prayer fans, and a very special line of LUNA Wands. These limited edition wands are turned each month during the 3-day Full Moon cycles.

See more @ Wood Creations by Domestic Wildflower – and remember to like my Facebook page! You’ll find an updated calendar of events if you want to purchase locally.

The “Rest of the Story“:

The idea of having a shop, all began in 2013, while living in the North End of Boise, where I shared a small garage on the backside of the property with 3 other housemates. I turned my ‘corner’ of the garage into a work space. Hoping to spend more time with my two younger brothers, Jake and Sam, I asked them to build me a work bench, and Sam generously supplied me with some equipment to get started.

Unfortunately, my brothers never showed back up to play with me in my new shop, but the silver lining was that I started falling in love with the space. I purchased a lathe and begin turning out pens, and honing my new craft.

The following year I purchased my home and sadly, thought I would have to leave behind the work bench my brothers made for me. Luckily, my cousin’s Steve and Loretta Beagley, volunteered to help me tear out the bench, move all my heavy equipment, and Steve re-located the work bench into the little blue shed at my new home. That was a tremendous amount of work to move my little shop – thank you, Beagley’s!

The first 8 months in the little blue shed was a bit challenging. I stood on a floor that slanted 6-8 inches and worked in a space only big enough to stand, and turn in a circle to work.

Then something amazing happened.

What initially started as a roof repair (to my home) turned into an observation of Blue Shed challenges on the part of the roofer. He took pity on my freezing fingers during efforts to work in the shed, and after forming a friendship, he hand crafted me a wood stove. Ultimately, I hired him to enlarge the shed over the summer for me. Once he expanded my work space, he installed the one-of-a-kind wood burning stove into my shop. Thanks for all your hard work and creative style, Kyler!

Please enjoy photographs of the renovation process below.

From a little blue shed, to a functioning wood shop – along with an invitation to an Old Maple Tree & a wood stove built of parking lot pylons (pending photo). Kyler is one of the most talented craftsman I’ve ever met.
View from inside
Shed to Shop
Including the Maple Tree
Creative & Talented Kyler
Half of the Maple inside the Wood Shop
Providing space for growth and movement
Path from my back door, to the Wood Shop – Winter 2016