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Waiting for Daddy’s Hug

There are certain careers that separate loved ones for long periods of time. Those in the Oil Field industry are familiar with such a challenging family model.

This book gives a voice to children in these non-traditional families.

“Roughneck” workers (largely comprised of men) do not suit-up for the office every day, but instead choose to head into the oil fields of America. They work ‘hitches’ rather than a traditional 9 to 5 work week. A hitch is a period of time on the job site and equates to time away from their families. Hitches range from one week to six months where these rugged Daddies drive many hours, and sometimes several states away, to follow the oil booms. This book is for the children who go without their Roughneck Daddies for a painfully long time, and look forward to that great-big, gentle bear-hug at the end of every hitch.