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The Ancient

Seven Authors, Seven Stories. Be careful what you wish for. 

Smokeless Flame: An archaeology team has a new member. But is she really who she seems to be? And what have they really discovered?

The Golden Pen: A perfect gift for a writer is a pen, especially a unique one. This pen will deliver more than just words on the page.

A Lauder Way: Nieces hold special places in the hearts of their Aunts. But an afternoon of fun turns into more of an adventure than either could have imagined.

A Wish to Give: What if instead of being granted wishes, you were given the power to grant them? But there’s a catch, and it could be deadly.

Lily and the Lamp: A lamp and a book, bought together at a garage sale give a little girl a mysterious ability. Will it help her make her dreams come true, or will the consequences be much more deadly.

Reaction: A woman is granted three wishes. But they don’t come without cost. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The Multiplier: Sometimes a lamp holds more power than just granting wishes. But traveling through time brings with it consequences. How far will a man go for love?