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Crash Landing Into a Field of Outhouses (vol. 1)

Welcome to the world of Kenneth A. Bauer and his many “crash landings” throughout life. Ken grew up in a time when a neighborhood was a mysterious playground waiting to be explored. A time when spending Saturday afternoons at the local movie theater with his friends inspired many adventures. Surviving his busy, early child-hood developed Ken’s lifetime motto, “How tough could it be?”
While in high school, Ken bought an airplane for $5 down and got his pilot’s license at age sixteen, leading to many more adventures. His healthy curiosity got him into trouble at times, like nearly blowing up the school janitor in a cloud of purple smoke due to his overzealous passion for chemistry!





What a fantastic read. Ken has lead an amazing life, and it was well captured by Rochelle Cunningham in that you almost feel like you’re there shooting the neighbors chicken to give to the poor widow or flying around in his airplane looking for a field to land in. He reminds me of a cross between Huck Fin, Sir Richard Branson, and the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones. Reading his stories is like a bag a Lays potato chips, you can’t read just one. — D. Alcock

I purchased this at a local book signing by the Author and was pleasantly surprised with the whimsical short tales contained within. What interesting times in which Mr. Bauer grew up! The world has changed so much in fifty short years. What a pleasant look back at a mischievous boy’s adventures in a more simple world. — Michael Morris