Rochelle believes that everyone has a story to tell, and her favorite part of being a writer is helping to facilitate that process. A broad range of interests can be seen in this young author throughout her publications. For instance, personal experiences coupled with research led her to write a user guide for navigating communication between addicts and non-addicts; where as an entirely different kind of opportunity presented itself during a freelancing stint in Arizona, and she wrote a collection of short story memoirs. Most recently she developed a writer’s handbook, and before that, a children’s books about parents who work out of town for painfully long periods of time. Currently, Rochelle is collaborating with local , Idaho authors to develop super-natural, historical fiction thrillers!

The Ancient

book-sq-ancientSeven Authors, Seven Stories. Be careful what you wish for.
A Lauder Way: Nieces hold special places in the hearts of their Aunts. But an afternoon of fun turns into more of an adventure than either could have imagined.
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Writer’s Handbook

book-sq-writershand365 Days of Inspiration & Motivation. Every day, all over the world, writers take step after step on their journey toward perfecting their craft. They wander aimlessly, make mistakes, stumble, fall, bloody themselves, and yet — continue to rise and do it all over again. This book was written to server as literary nourishment during such a process.
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Waiting for Daddy’s Hug

book-sq-waitingonThere are certain careers that separate loved ones for long periods of time. Those in the Oil Field industry are familiar with such a challenging family model. This book gives a voice to children in these non-traditional families.
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Crash Landing into a Field of Outhouses (vol. 1)

book-sq-crashlandWelcome to the world of Kenneth A. Bauer and his many “crash landings” throughout life. Ken grew up in a time when a neighborhood was a mysterious playground waiting to be explored. A time when spending Saturday afternoons at the local movie theater with his friends inspired many adventures.
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Codependency: The “Normie” User Guide

Book_Normie User GuideOne of the problems in our society today is that no-one is exempt from communicating with an addict. All of us are one degree of separation from knowing someone who suffers from addiction. Addicts are in our families, the workplace, our neighborhoods, and even in the mirror.
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An Eclectic Collage

book-sq-ecl2This rich collection, from 55 different women, allows the reader to look through various windows of the soul where relationships are discovered, developed, and re-told through short stories, poetry, and essays.
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