What is a Domestic Wildflower?

An artist . . . not without restraints.

DOMESTIC: to tame; to create a dependency so that the ability to live in the wild is lost.  WILDFLOWER: normal growth in fields, forests, etc., without deliberate cultivation.

Discovering where the restraints end, and the wild begins!
Discover where the restraints end, and the wild begins!

The concept of a Domestic Wildflower came to life one evening in Apache Junction, AZ – as my friend Tamera Noel began describing me ~

…a wildflower, a gypsy, an artist, a free spirit, but what is this ‘thing’ that’s out of place with you?

Upon further discussion, what she observed were the anxieties I experienced while navigating my way through the creative process, and simultaneously establishing a new business.

Sound familiar?

Every time I tried to relax enough to bend in the wind, to write, to create, to be in my natural element – I found myself being recoiled back to a constantly shifting landscape. Marketing; mailing lists; networking; launch parties; tax filings and bank accounts; LLC paperwork; SEO’s and link juice – what?! One minute I was lost in my craft, the next I was anchored to responsibilities, a steep learning curve and the inability to emotionally, creatively lift off.

She said I had become ‘domesticated’. We both laughed. This is the least likely adjective to describe me. But she was certainly onto something.

What Tammy had pointed out was the challenging duality of an artist desiring to profit from creativity; something all artists find themselves intimate with at one point or another on their journey.

Remember to enjoy the ride, while you find the balance.
Remember to enjoy the ride, while you find the balance.

I’m no different than the rest of the world when it comes to balance. I experience a certain amount of anxiety as I attempt to create balance in my life, especially as an artist. How nice it would be to completely lose ourselves in our chosen crafts and never look back. I envy those who have figured out that trick.

Those are the true Wildflowers!

As humanity becomes more reliant on technology, artists find themselves in an ever changing world that aides them in making a living at their craft. The artistic soul trying to make their talents known – for profit or not – will most definitely experience growing pains through this labyrinth of discovery.

Those ‘to-do-lists’ we’ve all been conditioned to follow are in a direct violation to the wild pounding of our hearts. That is the wake up call, the reminder that we would rather be creating than crossing off.

It is because artists cannot just play, as it is in their nature to do, that they feel forced to live with one foot in two worlds. Eventually, they’ll strike their own balance to make both worlds work form them. It can be a painful, confusing transition, but certainly one that forces growth and experience.

It is important to know that you are not alone  ~ this beautiful, wild thing, anchored in your flower pot.

Most every artist would much rather be free to grow in the sunshine of the wild open spaces, but alas, as spiritual beings living a human existence – bottom line – we need to make a living. Such dualities exist to challenge us, and the determined will persevere.

Welcome to the world of a Domestic Wildflower.  I hope you enjoy reading about my journey, as much as I enjoy writing about it.

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