A Time In Fall

A Man who use to run circles
 Around giants twice his size
 Now naps away what is left
 Of the rest of his life

His Yosemite Sam mustache
 Has long since been replaced
 With a prickly-grey stubble
 On his poor weathered face
He asks what his boys are up to
 And still calls me his sugar-bear
 I take time to look into his hazel eyes
 That are quickly losing their luster
I see the times for tall-tales
 Or toothy grins as he plays his guitar
 Are certain to become fewer & fewer
 As the light slowly dims in my father
And although I hate to see him in such pain
 I hail to the powers that be
 For surrounding him with so many loved ones
 And allowing him a few more days here with me
I accept that his days are numbered
 They have been for quite some time
 But no matter how much I think I’m prepared
 There is no way to imagine him not in my life
He offers me his unconditional love
 Something so few are fortunate to know
 His light will live on, long after his life
 In my heart & memories it will continue to grow
He’s been the driving force in our family
 The stern rock we’ve all counted on
 How does a house continue to stand -
 When you feel your foundation is gone?
I suppose, like others before us
 We’ll adjust to live in new ways
 And lean on each other for comfort
 Until we’ve weathered the long, painful days
His legacy continuing to live on through my brothers
 Somewhere between power tools & gentle guitar strings
 With such determination and talent coursing through them
 I know his presence will always be seen
These days I touch his tissue paper skin
 And tell him how much I love him so
 Knowing he wants to be with his Pop again
 I silently grant him permission to go
My heart is so full of sorrow
 Not being able to do much at all
 The pain of watching a parent so helpless –
 Withering away like leaves in the fall
My love for him is as strong today
 As it has always been in the past
 The love we share transcends this life-time
 I am certain it will continue to last
And while we still have some time left on this Earth
 I make a point to share my heart & stay in touch
 Reminded how each precious moment we are given
 Should be spent with the ones that we love

I wrote this poem about my father – only 3 months before he passed away.