WANTED: A Missing Man

…is the notion of residing safely tucked beneath your wings – going to cost me mine? Do I have to give up the best of me, to rest my head upon your chest at night?

…if I start to follow in your footsteps, where will my tracks wind up? Does the ground around me have to turn to quicksand before you reach out your hand to me?

…can I fall to my knees without you casting your shadow upon me? Will you hold my hand, and remain still –and quiet – and perhaps stay lost for a bit, while I attempt to find my own way out?

…if I let you wander through my heart, will you get scared and decide to run back home? Can you open your eyes long enough to pull back the curtains of my memories and allow my love to shine in and fill our room?

…are the dishes and dirty laundry going to pile up quicker than the kisses and the laughter? Does the sound of my voice keep you spellbound – or do you find yourself running for cover?

…is forever just too damn long, when you’re caught always asking so much more of me? And what happens to me, when I decide to – just – say – “No”?

…will you cast a handful of glass stones from your seat in the back of the theatre, when you’ve never been on stage before? Is it so hard to believe I don’t have a problem with an early curtain call or a late night rehearsal?

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Sometimes –

when the credits are rolling –
as the last tears are being dried from the sad story and you hear an empty popcorn tub get kicked under a seat somewhere for someone else to clean up later –

…a woman can be found sitting alone, somewhere, there in the dark– realizing she has lost something –

…because she has spent the better half of her life –
losing pieces of herself –

missing a man.