Magic of the Universe

I ran across this the other day and wanted to share: it’s journal entries from my home buying experience. I had completely forgotten how quickly the universe answered my plea!

2 0 1 5    The Adventures of Home Buying ~

It all began on April 18th, with a curious “peek through a window” . . .

Saturday, March 28:  Alone in my shop in the North End of Boise, I began missing my best friend, Bevin Hawley.  His attempted suicide in January, coupled with my visit to Idaho Falls over Valentines, and his rejection of my offer to shuttle him to Boise for his birthday on March 24th – left me feeling desperately worried.  Frustrated, and lonely for my best friend, I spent time in a corner of the property’s shed (which I turned into my little woodshop). This place of meditation was where I’d been attempting to carve out moments of joy.

As if I weren’t experiencing enough pain that day, I began missing my Pop. This was shaping up to be an especially difficult Saturday.

At one point I dropped to my knees, my heart splintering as if it were made of spun glass. Choking back tears, I asked out loud for help, promising that I would practice Letting Go by Accepting whatever the universe dealt me this summer – if I could please get some relief.

And like a whisper on a breeze – my pain was lifted from my heart.

Later, I recalled the specific words from my plea: whatever the universe dealt me this summer.  I’ll just point out that sometimes the Universe has a peculiar sense of balance.

Saturday, April 18:   Attend a Women’s Spiritual Gathering at the home of Terry Means, where I randomly peek through a window of a newly remodeled home for sale.

Wednesday, April 22:   Sharon Brown  joins me on this Wednesday to meet with Realtor Atticus Faul on the Franklin Property where I’d looked through the window. On a lark, I attempt to qualify.

I discover it is only slightly out of my price range. Oddly enough, the lender suggests buying with another party. So, I ask Bevin if he would like to be roomies again! Although this generates excitement for the both of us, he never follows through with the paperwork at the bank.

Friday, May 15:  Last day of BSU contract, I continue house hunting with Atticus for something in my price range.

Monday, May 17:  Begin working temp jobs, in the event I find some property and need essential cash for closing & what-not’s

Tuesday, May 26:  Meet with Jennie Woodall of Summit Funding – third financing organization that I decide on after Mountain West Bank and Idaho Credit Union. Choosing Jennie was one of the best decisions I made during the process.

Tuesday, Jun 16: Make an offer on Ona Property

IMPORTANT TO NOTE (background): Sunday prior, I’d driven by the property, a For Sale sign was leaned next to the mailbox. I called the realtor Atticus had entrusted me to during his vacation. She checked into it, explaining that the owner had taken the house off the market for a couple days while she fixed torn linoleum in the kitchen, but would be willing to let me look at the place. That same day, I wanted to make an offer – the owner acquiesced, and to my surprise, accepted my offer to her last on-line asking price of $84,900!

This was indeed benevolent timing. During the few summer months Atticus and I had looked at small homes under / around $90K. The market was so hot that buyers were offering cash – over the top of asking price! I experienced a bit of hopelessness. But on the drive to meet Atticus for a second look, I was filled with confidence. All the way there I chanted,

“I’m gunna be a house Ona – I’m gunna Ona house on Ona Street– I’m gunna be a house Ona!”

Monday, June 22:  Begin working a 40 hr/week temp job with MWI on Vista & the freeway – making twice my BSU pay. With no savings, I knew this would ultimately help with any miscellaneous costs I anticipated.

Sunday, June 28:  Driving home with the Duncan’s from Tracey’s wedding in Moscow, ID – I received one of the most distressing calls of my life: my best friend, Bevin Hawley killed himself in the early morning hours. I felt quite literally as though I had been unplugged from yet, another amazing human being that I was fortunate enough to love – and who truly loved me.

Wednesday, July 1:  All paperwork has gone to the underwriters and the waiting begins. I drive to IF to burry my friend.

Tuesday, July 14:   With the 21st slated as Signing Day, the underwriters request one last piece of missing paperwork: my 2014 I099, I request it from my AZ CPA, who creates the only sleepless night I experienced through this entire process – by refusing to produce it!  Her final avoidance tactic was that her mother (conveniently) had a stroke that day and she couldn’t help me, only to find out this was a lie. How awful is that?! And there’s my house-buying-horror-story.

Thursday, July 15:     Late that morning, the Bauer’s come through for me from Seiku, WA! Alice purchases a program on line to acquire the 2014 paperwork and fills out another 1099 for me.

Friday, July 16:       My loan is approved at 3:24 p.m.! I signed the following Tuesday on my brother’s birthday, July 21st.

I was bestowed more blessings over the next few weeks:

Since I worked less than a mile from my new home, I was able to run back & forth to meet the flurry of different folks for hook-ups, changes, bids & consultations.  Atticus provided me with some incredible contacts from his network of people, so I was able to have (and afford) a few things done to the little house before moving in:

  • I found Pergo flooring on sale at Lumber Liquidators for 49¢ /sq foot and had it installed for $1.40 /sq foot. I paid $1,000 for new floors!
  • After ripping out the carpet (and the next door neighbors graciously helping me pull it up & haul it outside) I saved enough money to hire professional movers for the first time in my life. What a treat!
  • My yard sale $ afforded me paint, casing materials, and the rental of a *hot saw. I did all of the painting myself, except for the kitchen – my mom put a coat of yellow on the walls for me. My hands were so sore that I could hardly hold the paint brush after a few days!
  • The *saw was to cut out a back door leading from my bedroom: the first thing my mother insisted I needed, and after the mess was finally cleaned up, I was grateful for her persistence. I used the larger bedroom widow (where the door used to be) to replace the submarine-peep-hole looking window in the bathroom.
  • My cousins Steve & Loretta Bigley offered to help me move my shop, and Steve suggested our cousin Michael could help me install the door. That was certainly a good idea – Michael was a much better choice at running that concrete saw than me! After a few days I am sure the neighbors were wondering if I was flipping the little house – rather than moving in!
  • My sister, Roselle, dropped off my new kitty, on August 9th.  Duggan and I spent our first official night together at 2701 W. Ona Street that Sunday.

I had thrown myself into renovating my little house, grief and all. It isn’t until now, looking back, that I see how quickly the universe answered my plea and provided me with such unimaginable gifts.

I still  have so many more grand plans visualized, but there isn’t a day I’m not grateful for what I have. Moreover, I still look around and wonder, who did all this work? 

 Thank you,

   . . . . out there

            . . . for all the help, guidance, and benevolent gifts ~