Where Will You Play Tomorrow

Boiling a guilt slurry
 Stirring life, shackles
 Untied through broken
 Lead – click click

Choking on rot of rising
 Pride. Smell
 Of red finger nail
 Polish behind a dusty screen door
Waving good-bye, crook in the knee
 Watching an El Camino
 In a rearview dream
 Guitar strings
Hammer out permission of
 Fights; flights; and cats
 In the cradle
 You can still cut my French toast for me
Unscrupulous teddy bear! Troublesome
 Light shatters the turning pages
 Will I ever wake to see you
 Watching over me? You were
Right. I should have always
 Let you be
 Right next to me
Away at my inside
 Pang pang on the glass, step on the gas
 Rescue her from the cracks
 She could never understand
Envied instead – a search for truth
 That came to be
 How I needed Them both
 There: they’re inside of me