The Island

We discovered each other
 On the shifting tides. Before long
 I invite you to share my island

Contentment dappled the sand
 The breeze whispered calm with Jasmine
 A vague scent of future would catch us
 Waltzing in the consenting moonlight
Initially embracing pleasure – we come
 To share our dreams. They seem to fit
 As we talk of sailing away
 Eventually. To unfold in loves admission
Then – out of your darkness
 Came a shovel - you thrust it
 Into my hands: Together we’ll build a better Island!
 Reluctantly – I agree
I watch your words reverberate and slither
 Down the poised cliffs beyond
 Who hold their breath and arch their backs while
 I choke on the sounds of their rumble
Confused. As my treasures
 Already I have given freely, begin to
 Hide beneath unnerving silhouettes. While
 Hedonistic desires strangle the salty air
A handle lies dead across my palm. I tighten
 My grip and asphyxiate my senses who
 Screech from behind painted feathers
 Now headed for higher ground
A murky shadow crawls across the narrow
 Strip of beach and I hear your voice. This time
 Through a peculiar rain: I will take care of our dreams
 – If you will trust me
And I did.
And time swept over the island – while I stood
 Helpless. Watching your promises wither
 The fleshy palm trees. Your lies fill the holes
 Where the innocent sand crabs used to play
Yet shamefully beside you
 Apprehensively hopeful – I find myself
 Powerless to the vitality escaping me.
 I continue to dig
With callused hands
 Aching back. Emptied soul. I watch
 A receding tide with confused
 Desperation. I beg of you to relent
A melancholic moon has been watching.
 She casts an unfavorable light on your nakedness
 While you stand - shovel in hand
 Promising - - - promising to stop
But I am too exhausted to continue on
 I weep while your blackness engulfs my island
 I feel all essence collapsed and burning
 You are going to swallow me alive
– I swim away
I did not know.
 I loved a Pirate.