A Delicate Breath

It was a day like today. It felt like babies smell.
 Innocence reeking of a peculiar stench. Feeling
 Of a strong desire to be

With someone like you.
Knowledge cascades over the daylight. Distorted. Begging. Clawing.
 Hanging on my spine, until a brief sigh
 On the westward wind tunnels an escape.
I watched your name tip-toe across yellow tulips. I whisper it
 Quickly to myself, looking about to see
 If they heard me
Sober shadows protect me while I slip away
 Somewhere I shouldn’t. The damp grass is a pillow
 Of reminiscence, somewhere in time
With someone like you
Reflections remain planted
 Firmly in their prints – refusing to surrender. I wait
 For eyes Tender blue. Summer green. Please, not of drowning brown.
The wilting moss knows my pain as I raise my face to be
 Welcomed; in some truth of the day. Instead, received
 By a muted rain – appearing
Before me, where I smell a moment of trust.
 Through a delicate breath
 On a day like today
With someone like you