Your Mother’s Secrets

In your youth, you may not understand
 But someday these words in time
 Will weigh more than ever before.

Take a moment to look into the eyes
 Of your mother. See her secrets,
 The quiet whispers that rest on her lips.
If you are lucky – she will unlock this place where you
 Are not tall enough to see over. Only she can decide
 What hush-hushes are hers.
If she stirs her heart for you to listen --- then listen
 These moments are more precious than stories
 Untold. Know she has invited you
To a place you may never
 Fully appreciate; part of something
 You may never understand. Know
That she has been to places,
 Experienced many things.
 She has lived in ways
That you may come to see her
 Differently. Understand her – more deeply. Love her
 More freely. For make no mistake,
Some day the gate will surely close. She will stand
 On the other side: wave good bye. Did you come to know –
 All there is to know?
She’ll be gone – and you left with questions
 That can no longer be answered. If you would
 Have only looked into
Her eyes. Gather those fortunate days
 When she will say: Come sit by my side,
 I have something to tell you.