bern-switzerland River_Aare_Bern_SwitzerlandWatch the brilliant teal serpent
 Threading a sigh
 Meandering through gardens of towns

Toppled devotion – organic generations
 Of perfect harmony. Cultivated rows
 Entwined in silken soil
Listen – jazz softly rises up from
 courtyards; tears
 Fall on archaic structures
Of gold – and God; where thousand-year-old fingers
Carved overwhelmingly – stealing their faith.
Crimson petals twist
 and pour
Out of discernible window boxes
 Onto slate green streets
 below. Above
The Alps tower with snow-caps
 Peering down on bullion rooftops.
 Jeweled windows of painted faces
Looking out from the ubiquitous Clock Tower
 See. Even the
 Elderly steal a kiss – or a moment
 On a park bench and watch
As a teal river