Managing Fear

wildflower_Tatters_ccSomething that I frequently explore is the idea of technology and how it shapes our world, and quite frankly, at times, scares the ever loving crap out of me! However, it just so happens, it was during one of these conversations when the concept of my Domestic Wildflower was born,  and I recognized how to face, and perhaps embrace, some of my technological fears.

As artists, many of us find ourselves in an ever changing technical landscape where we must learn to navigate in order to make a living at our craft. That artistic soul, trying to make their talents known to the world – for profit or not – will ultimately experience a certain amount of growing pains on this journey.

As a Wildflower [artist], those ‘to-do-lists’ we have all been conditioned to follow are in direct violation to the wild pounding of our hearts. That anxiety, that blind determination – those are simply wake up calls, reminders – that we were born to create – not cross off!

And I love my to-do-lists! How is that for twisted logic?

My point is, as we become more reliant on technology, and the expectations to learn, develop, and keep up – it can make us feel as though were in some kind of race with humanity. Or worse – with ourselves.

How nice it would be to completely lose ourselves in our chosen crafts and never look back. I envy those who have figured out how to do that. Those are the true Wildflowers!  Instead, many of us feel forced to live with one foot in two worlds, until striking a balance to make those worlds work.

At times this is a painful, confusing, frightening transition, but one that forces growth and experience. Those are the moments beckoning us to face our challenges. To face our fears.

The following is an excerpt from my book The Writer’s Handbook; 365 Days of Motivation & Inspiration:

Feb 23

“The ‘public’ scares me, but people I trust.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

This magnificent woman was known to both publicly announce, and privately manage her fears. As artists, we are all subjected to a broad spectrum of criticism. How do you manage your fears?

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