How Do You Brew?

Boil Boil Toil & Trouble_wittco.gmbh_cc
by Rochelle Cunningham, Gypsy Writer

As a writer, I am always in the midst of several projects. This morning, the inside of my head felt like three Scottish witches were using my congested skull as their personal cauldron!

Boil, boil, toil, and trouble . . . I write a few lines of a poem . . . eye of newt . . . a dark villain presents himself to me as I apply mascara . . . a pinch of bat hair . . . my sweet, brunette heroine falls from grace – ohh, what event shall return her to the arms of her lover . . . and toe of salamander . . . fictional names explode like popcorn and I’m digging through my purse like a cat covering crap on concrete, desperately trying to find a pen! Not an unusual morning for most writers.

We’re crazy like that.

The challenge is getting all that great stuff from our heads, on to the page. Writing is magical, and can be quite therapeutic. But it’s also a lot of determined, disciplined work. I frequently fall short as life continues to get in the way. It’s crucial to develop good habits.

The most important, is writing (and reading) EVERYDAY. As a blogger, I’ve discovered an addictive way to strengthen that habit, and keep me motivated and accountable. <strong>The Gypsy Writers would L O V E to hear some of your dark secrets or challenges with the craft, and perhaps, some remedies for how you stay on track.</strong>

Wishing you all much luck with your boiling pots and good habit development!

An excerpt from my book The Writer’s Handbook; 365 Days of Motivation & Inspiration:

Nov 04

“I would rather write 10,000 notes than a single letter of the alphabet.”
~ Ludwig van Beethoven
Regardless of your medium, or the craft that calls to you, connecting to the human soul – as an artist of a written language – is what you have been called to do.

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