Communicating Our Experiences

by Rochelle Cunningham, Gypsy Writer

Life is full of juxtapositions, many rich in fodder for writing. In my experience, it’s all in the timing. Learning to seize delicate moments, albeit brief and fleeting, is about keeping your eyes peeled and your heart open to capture them. Take my life over the last week, for example. I buried two uncles, one from my mother’s side, and the other from my father’s. Painful? Yes, of course, and one might think a writer would produce only dark or dreary material. That wasn’t the case at all.

On Thursday evening surrounded by family, I watched my Uncle Dennis take his last sip of air. Having been closer to this uncle, I experienced a more profound, and peaceful sense of his absence the next day. It was there in the sunrise, and not any ordinary sunrise, that I found him.

The Friday morning sky wasn’t painted with the typical broad strokes of amethyst and orange against the crisp, blue canvas. On this day there was an entire cosmos of exploding pastels that reached out from the waking foot hills, shrouding the dampened grass and fall leaves in full glory, as it came to pass over me with warm yellow light. I stood outside in perfect humility while my uncle greeted me, quietly assuring me he had arrived at his destination. I smiled back at him.

It was in those moments, standing alone, bathed in lustrous golden, new morning sunlight – that all was well in the world – even though it felt a little different without him in it anymore.

My muse immediately began dipping her pen into a more poetic ink well. We are currently creating a poem entitled The Mourning Sky.

An excerpt from my book The Writer’s Handbook; 365 Days of Motivation & Inspiration:

Nov 02

“If a writer stops observing he is finished. Experience is communicated by small details intimately observed.”
~ Ernest Hemingway

When was the last time that your writing made you happy? Did you call a friend, dance a happy-dance around your desk, or simply chuckle to yourself with great pride? Be sure to celebrate the moments when your words come to life.

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