Virtual Fantasy

I remember some things...
 About an old lover. Familiar
 Electric currents
 Pass incognito, beneath my covers

Imagining his laugh unchanged
 Nor his walk, nor his wit
 I can still feel his mouth - There
 On the back of my neck
And I feel him infect me
 From behind his duality
 Leaving my mind & breast
 Trying to out-run this - My fantasy
Stealing a moment to see him
 Curious, I take another peek
 Allowing myself the thrill
 Cautious of what I seek
Hearing familiar sounds
 That would have taken us away
 Trembling with a heat and frenzy
 Still seeing that long, stretch of highway
Gauging desire; watching it merge
 On to a screen of reckless abandon
 Hiding behind a stinging black tail - I transform
 Into a dark phantom
Deep in my thoughts
 I glimpse an obscure future
 It is beginning to smell - And taste
 Of this ... My past lover